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For Our Regular Readers: This will be the Final Post on the ASG Blog

I have been commenting here for awhile now that current events have been serious enough for us to “circle the wagons” and concentrate on our preps as much as possible and, sadly, things in the world have only gotten worse.

There have been hundreds of fine new blogs created since we started in 2010 that are competing for your attention and this new “competition” is just something that we have never had the desire to participate in (especially now with current events being the way they are).

We don’t want this domain to be banished into the commercial cyberspace abyss so our plan is to keep the website current and functional by converting into a site that can be a benefit to all and require very little maintenance time on our end.

Within the next couple of weeks you will see a few changes here. Some of which will include:

  • Changing the ASG Blog format over to a 24/7-365 continuously updated RSS feed of pertinent articles published around the web. We’re still compiling a list of feeds so if you have a relevant blog and would like us to include your post titles and links, please contact us.
  • The topics included here will not necessarily be restricted to disaster preparedness and survival. We plan to cover as much information pertaining to self-reliance as possible. This includes homesteading,foraging, natural medicine, renewable energy,  etc.
  • I plan to thin out some of the article archives. The DIY articles will stay but some of the outdated reviews and opinion articles will either be removed completely or converted to something more useful for everyone in the short term.
  • The Discussion Forum will be removed. I would like to thank everyone that joined and spent some time there. It didn’t work but “at least we tried”.  I still feel that a small group of like-minded folks can get alot accomplished even if they are in different regions of the country so the invitation is still open. Or, if you have a small group and would like another member, please contact me.
  • If you are a Twitter user, we will continue to monitor and use Twitter from this day forward. There is a distinct possibility that we will be utilizing Facebook as well but the details on that haven’t been finalized.

We ALL want to thank everyone that has regularly visited this site. We ask that you check back over the next few weeks to see the changes.