Join Us On Facebook …. (even if you hate Facebook)

Reluctantly, and for personal reasons, I have opened a Facebook account recently. I know that many of the readers here, including myself, have a deep disdain for Facebook but there may actually be a way for the prepper to get some good use out of that particular platform. We here … Continue reading

Potable Water During a Power Outage

“Honey, the lights won’t turn on.” That’s how it starts, or rather, that’s the first time the reality of the event hits home. The lack of power is an annoyance; and then the veracity of its permanence sets in. The first day, you habitually hit the light switch and curse, … Continue reading

Prioritizing our Preps #4: Water

This is Part Four of a series….the rest of this series can be found HERE *************************************************************** WATER: This is what we’ve done in the way of water preps and why… We have water provided by the city. The city stores water in 3 large towers located on the edges of … Continue reading

Review: Food Production Systems DVD and CD combo

On January 8th, 2011 we announced that Backyard Food Production had become our newest blog sponsor. They offer a DVD tutorial that explores the topic of food self-reliance. We had the opportunity to view the video and accompanying CD. This professionally produced video is narrated by Marjory Wildcraft. She has … Continue reading

Preparedness Plan “Pie” Chart

Every plan needs a sound foundation to build upon. Plans also need a goal and a way to measure  progress. A preparedness plan is no different and, when asked, I will always recommend a well thought out plan before anything unusual is purchased.  You may be surprised at how many … Continue reading