There’s been quite a bit of news this week about the radical islamic group Hezbollah and the potential threat they pose here in the US. I think this first really caught everyone’s attention last year when it was announced that Hezbollah had opened up for business at our southern border when they joined forces with some of the Mexican drug cartels. It’s now estimated that they are much more powerful than Al Qaeda ever was.

This was backed up in February 2012 when the former head of the DEA stated that Hezbollah plans to exploit the infrastructure built by the drug traffickers that touches 250 or more US cities allowing Hezbollah access to assets such as forged documents and massive amounts of money. He warned that those relationships allow “these groups to operate freely in our neighborhood” and said the U.S. would regret it if the threats were not taken seriously. “I don’t want to sound too crude, but I think there’s going to be hell to pay in the not too distant future,” he said.

By the way, these claims were refuted recently in a short editorial written by Mexico’s consul general, obscurely posted in an Arizona newspaper. He denies that there is any evidence of terrorist activity at our border and says that these claims interfere with their efforts to keep the border secure. I suppose that some may agree with this but if you ask any Arizona border rancher if their efforts have been working so far, you might get a different point of view.

Most recently,Ynet news posted a very good article explaining this threat and speculates why Hezbollah would strike inside the United States. One alarming fact in the article: NY officials estimate 200-300 Hezbollah members and sympathizers are currently in New York City!

The video below is from Reuters, it also goes into some detail about this. The bridge surveillance made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. The possible scenarios in that city taking place AFTER those bridges are crippled would most likely be horrible.

With everything else going on around us these days, it’s easy to get a little complacent about our general security. I hope you can take a few minutes and read the articles at the above links. Articles like these help to wake me up and I hope they do the same for you. We try to keep an eye on the news out of Israel. There’s been some drum-beating about a strike on Iran and many analysts feel that could be the trigger to an attack here at home from Hezbollah. Please get and stay prepped for any possible disruptions and the inevitable aftermath.

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