Here’s a few articles concerning what may be in store for 2012:

A Highly Volatile Year Awaits Oil

From “Global oil supplies remain tight with demand continuing to outstrip supply as it has done since the start of 2010. Currently demand is only met by the steady drawing down of inventories. Hence, any interruption due to a loss of production from any geopolitical incident could directly impact prices. “


McAfee Predicts Cybercrime Increase in 2012

From “In 2012, McAfee expects attackers to bypass PCs and target mobile banking apps which are commonly used nowadays. Embedded systems are also expected to be an easy target for sophisticated hackers…

According to the company, cybercriminals will attack utilities which are essential to everyday life like water, electricity, oil in 2012.

The company expects hacktivism to reinvent itself or die out. It also expects those leading these digital disruptions to join forces online and with physical demonstrators to target public figures.”


2012: Ten Triggers that Threaten Capitalism

From “The world economy is in a dangerous situation…. The next crisis, according to Weiss, “will destroy the incomes, savings, investments and retirements of millions of Americans……It will plunge vast numbers of families into the nightmare of poverty … hunger … and homelessness. Only a minority of investors will survive intact.”


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