The time has come for me to ditch my ALICE pack in favor of something that is both a better fit and lighter weight. I’ve owned an ALICE pack for quite some time and considered the medium alice to be the perfect backpack for our needs. They’re trouble free, tough as nails and inexpensive. Up until last week we had two, one with a frame and an older “beater” pack w/o the frame.

On a recent outing I noticed that my beater alice pack really wasn’t all that great anymore.  It no longer felt comfortable to wear… the load kept shifting and sinking to the low center of pack and the shoulder straps felt like they were trying to snap my collar bone.

The other “good” alice pack sat loaded with most of my emergency gear. The day following our last hike I spent the morning wearing it while at work. I noticed that it also didn’t fit or feel right anymore. It’s been a few years since I’ve done any backpacking. My height and weight haven’t changed so I guess I’ll have to blame this on my age.

A few of us are prepping for an extended backpacking excursion so maybe this is justification to get a more comfortable pack.  The trusty ALICE packs have now found a new home. We’ve found some interesting replacements and will be reviewing them here soon.



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