We received a copy of the documentary “Southern Exposure” and finally had the chance to take a look at it. This documentary takes a hard look at the illegal immigration and smuggling problem along our southern border and we’ve been very anxious to see it. I can sum our impression of this video up in one word: Outstanding!

The DVD is professionally produced by Eyefull Video Productions of Tucson, Arizona. The documentary is divided into three chapters so we watched one chapter at a time as it fit our schedule.

The producers looked at the issues from all points of view. It includes a look at the history of the problem starting with the end of the Mexican-American War.

The viewer gets to see the daily experiences of Border Patrol officers and the US citizens that live along the border. There are interviews with local law enforcement, state legislators and private security as well as the officials and volunteers involved in providing humanitarian aid to the immigrants. The corruption of the Mexican government and the drug organizations is also explained in detail.

Lastly, the documentary describes all forms of impact that this migration has had on the US.   The history and tactics of the various pro-immigration groups are also highlighted.  There are several interviews with both anti-immigration and pro-immigration organizers.

Eyefull Productions did a great job on this video.  With the turmoil in the Mid-East, I’m afraid that this issue will again be put on the back burner even though, in my opinion, it’s our most apparent current threat.

This is not a video for the kids to watch due to graphic images. Click on the ad below to learn more. We’ve also placed a link on the right side of the page.

This documentary is also available at Amazon:

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