About once per year, someone manages to sneak far enough onto our property to get into our vehicles. We have learned not to keep anything of value in them and the thieves usually leave empty handed or, at the most, with the change that’s tossed into the console.  Last week, we were hit again…..unfortunately this time, the dash board in my Jeep was destroyed by them trying to remove my 15 year old non-functional CD player. They did steal the stereo’s removable faceplate, so I had a hunch that they may be back to steal the entire thing or it’s replacement. I thought I should seize the next opportunity to catch them so I could introduce myself.

Harbor Freight just happened to be running a sale  on their Driveway Wireless Alert System, Model #93068, so I stopped in to pick one up. Twenty two dollars later I was on my way home with the alarm system and six “C” batteries. The box stated that I would need three C batteries and one 9V battery. (I already had 9Vs at home).

Included in the box is the PIR Motion Detector, a receiver and installation instructions.

I promptly put the 9V battery in the motion detector and the C batteries in the receiver and gave the unit a quick test. Everything functioned well. By the way, the receiver can also be powered by a 6VDC wall transformer, which is a feature that I plan to use.

The specs state that the motion detector has a 40 degree coverage area. I decided to put it on a utility pole located near our parking area. It needed to be placed high on the pole, out of arm’s reach, so I put some shims behind it to give it some down tilt. While I was at it, I made a shroud out of one of the wife’s food storage containers (while she wasn’t looking). The motion detector is weatherproof but I thought the extra rain protection wouldn’t hurt.

After I was happy with it’s location and function, it was masked and sprayed with some Earth Brown camo paint. It works like a charm.

The receiver has some features that I really like that aren’t found on other wireless alarms. It can be powered by C batteries when necessary making  it an ideal option for security during a power outage or at a temporary location. The receiver also has a Hi/Low volume setting on the speaker. The alarm sound is a pleasant chime. If you’ve ever used the X10 brand of wireless alarms, you will appreciate this one.

So far, this has been a good value. I will be installing at least one more of these. The 40 degree pattern of the motion detector is not enough to cover all of the area that needs to be “watched”.


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