Here’s something to consider: Create a “go-to” folder that your family can use in the event of your sudden passing. Not a will but a guideline to help your loved ones settle any of your unfinished business or gain access to the things they will need.

This is one prep item that costs virtually nothing but time and could save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars if it’s ever needed.

Creating a booklet or flashdrive with detailed information about what is going on, right now, in your life could save your family many headaches. Some things that you may want to include:

  • Instructions about who to notify and how to pay your recurring debts.
  • Any website admin info, Paypal accounts, etc.
  • Inventories and locations of any stored supplies they may not know about.
  • Details of any long term projects, especially projects with financial value.
  • Clubs or individuals that could help sell any specialized assets.
  • Burial wishes….Also, someone you know may be concerned and worried about your salvation…If you’re saved let it be known so others will have peace of mind.


We’re all very good at preparing for what COULD happen, sudden death is just another, very real, possibility.


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